David Freeland Chinese Medicine at Southpoint Health

David Freeland Chinese Medicine at Southpoint Health Miranda

David has over 30 years’ experience practicing Chinese Medicine.

David’s initial training spanned over 8 years:

4 years under a master of an ancient traditional school of Acupuncture and Tuina

4 years at the prestigious NSW College of Natural Therapies and Traditional Chinese Medicine with three months in China.

In 1992 a further 3 months in China and has continued professional development ever since, with seminar-based training, including Meridian Therapy under famed Japanese master, Masakazu Ikeda, and with three decades of clinical experience.

David has also taught at a Master Degree level at the University of Western Sydney.

Special Interests:

David likes working with women’s health; pregnancy; birth preparation; seniors’ health; muscle and joint injuries and disorders; post-surgical recovery; emotional health; stress.