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Meet Our Practitioners

Southpoint Health Clinic offers a diverse variety of treatment modalities to ensure that every aspect of the patient’s Health is addressed and examined from physical ailments, to nutritional imbalances, to metabolic dysfunction and even psycho-spiritual concerns.

Dr Kathryn Tupper
Principle Osteopath

Dr Kathryn Tupper - Osteopath Principle Osteopath and Owner of Southpoint Health

Dr Jeremy Syme

Everybody can benefit from osteopathic treatment, no matter what their age, health or vitality.

Christine Henriksen
Massage Therapist

Christine enjoys helping people achieve better health, improved function and a better quality of life.

David Freeland
Acupuncture / Chinese Medicine

David has over 30 years’ experience practising Traditional Chinese Medicine and has a particular interest in Acupuncture.

Punnoose Sam

I have been practicing Homeopathy for more than 10 years.

Justin Lovelock

Justin believes we all can either support or hinder our health.

Dr George Stylian

George loves the benefits that Cranial Osteopathy can achieve with very little risk of trauma to patients, both young and old.

Dr Dean Zekis

Dr Dean Zekis Grad.Dip.Clinical Science in Osteopathy