Shoulder Pain Treated By Osteopathy

Shoulder Pain Treated by an Osteopath at Sout5hpoint Health in Miranda

Shoulder Pain Treated by an Osteopath at Southpoint Health

The shoulder is one of the most used and complex joints of our body. People of all ages experience shoulder pain due to repetitive use and normal wear and tear. Regardless of your fitness level, you may experience shoulder pain due to injury and frequent use.

Osteopathy is a helpful and gentle process to treat your shoulder conditions. A professional osteopath will identify the cause of pain and help you get rid of your pain as early as possible.

It is very important to ensure a healthy shoulder function. Apart from routine movements, the shoulder plays a vital role in various sporting events like golf, tennis, etc. After continuous usage of the shoulder, you start experiencing pain and injuries making you realize how chronic should pain could be. Gladly, the positive thing is that osteopathy can treat the problem effectively and reducing your discomfort. In this article, we will discuss how osteopathy can treat various forms of shoulder injuries and pain.

Common Shoulder Injuries

Before you look for the solution, you must know the problem and what is causing the issue. Here are some common shoulder injuries.

  • Frozen shoulder: It is usually known as adhesive capsulitis. When the shoulder capsule becomes stiff gradually, it results in freezing or limiting the shoulder movement. The tissues that surround your shoulder are responsible for it.
  • Referred pain: Shoulder pain that is caused due to neck and upper back. You feel it coming from these areas.
  • Shoulder instability: when you dislocate your shoulder, it is called shoulder instability.
  • Osteoarthritis: Stiffness, swelling, and sharp pain that is caused by wear and tear of the shoulder joint.
  • Postural tension: Due to poor posture, your shoulder and neck become stiff leading to should pain.
  • Tendonitis: Due to arthritis or overuse, tendon inflammation can cause shoulder pain.
  • Rotator cuff tears: When you experience pain while lifting your arm, it happens due to overuse and sports injury.
  • Shoulder impingement: During shoulder movements, shoulder tendons may get trapped and compressed, which will result in chronic pain.
  • Acromioclavicular joint pain: When you experience pain at the tip of your shoulder where the collarbone meets it.

These are major causes of shoulder pain. An osteopath will spend time discussing your problem and identify the issue. Once they get the root cause, they will be able to offer you pain relief in no time.

How Osteopath Treat Shoulder Pain at Southpoint Health?

Osteopathic treatment focus on reducing the pain while bringing back your shoulder to its original position. Before starting the examination, your osteopath will discuss your history. You need to share every detail including sports you play, symptoms, and other medical histories.

Once you share every detail, they will examine your shoulder to find the cause of the pain. They will address any strain through the ribs, spine, and pelvis. It will bring your muscles back to their original position.

To enhance the osteopathic treatment, you may be provided with some stretching and exercises. Moreover, you will be provided with advice regarding how to improve your lifestyle.

If you don’t notice any improvement, the osteopath will guide you to get some scanning and X-rays.

Heat and Ice Therapy For Pain Relief

Most of the people who experience shoulder pain with no swelling or bruising report improvement after heat therapy. They experience a reduction in discomfort and tension immediately.

Cool therapy is recommended for current shoulder injuries. If you have experienced a shoulder injury in the last 48 hours, you can use ice packs to reduce swelling and pain.

However, it is strictly recommended that you visit an osteopath before trying these methods.

Activity and Rest

After experiencing a shoulder injury, you must rest for some time. If you start an activity too early, you may stop the recovery process. You need to limit your activity as soon as you experience pain. Pain is your guide to understand your limits. When you speak to an osteopath, they guide you about how to handle the injury and how to speed up recovery by offering you lifestyle advice.


Shoulder pain is a common problem. People experience shoulder pain due to various reasons. It is important to avoid activities that are causing these pains. Moreover, you need to get advice from your osteopath regarding how to strengthen your muscles. It will allow you to push your limits.

Want to find an osteopath near me? Southpoint Health Miranda is a reputable osteopathy solution. Visit today to discuss your shoulder problem and get a solution as soon as possible. Remember that it is always better to address the issue immediately to avoid further complications.

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Lower Back Pain Treated By Osteopathy

Back Pain treated by an Osteopath Southpoint Health Miranda


Osteopathic treatment is a process of identifying and improving your health. Osteopathy usually focuses on functioning and maintains the structure of the human body. Osteopaths believe that your health depends on the balance between ligaments, bones, tissues, and muscles.

One of the most common conditions why people visit an osteopath is lower back pain. By using osteopathic techniques, an osteopath gives you pain relief and ensure it doesn’t come back anytime soon.

Apart from lower back pain, osteopathic treatment is a perfect way to treat any other body pain. If you experience any pain, you can always visit Southpoint Health in Miranda to discuss your concerns.

In this article, we will focus on lower back pain and how osteopathy helps you improving your condition.

How Osteopath Treat Your Back Pain?

Before you visit an osteopath to treat your lower back pain, you may want to know the process. Anyone would be concerned regarding how an osteopath will treat your lower back pain. Let’s find out.

Identifying the Cause

Whether you are having pain or experiencing any other issue, you need to start with identifying the cause. What is the reason behind the lower back pain? In the first meeting, your osteopath will spend some time with you discussing your habits, routine, work, etc. The purpose is to find the problem.

After the discussion, they will ask you to remove parts of your clothes to examine you. If you still feel uncomfortable, you can bring a friend with you.

Osteopaths will guide you to make some movements while they will monitor the back. They will touch your tissues, ligaments, and joints, which is called palpation.

Discuss the Treatment

After completing the examination, your osteopath will share their findings. They will tell you the reason behind the problem and how to solve it. Moreover, they will share the osteopathic treatment method, benefits, and risks involved.

Although they will guide you on everything about the treatment, you can also share your concerns. You can ask your questions. Be sure to ask how many sessions are required to fix the problem.

Osteopathic Treatment Techniques

Depending on the severity of your issue, your osteopath may use various techniques to give you pain relief and prevent the cause of pain. Here are some osteopathic techniques your osteopath may use.

  • If you are experiencing slight pain, it could be handled with an accurate massage. Osteopaths will apply direct pressure on the tissues to reduce your pain and bring back the balance.
  • When osteopath uses quick thrusting action with hands, it is called a manipulation.
  • To bring back the balance, your osteopath could use the functional technique. It revolves around moving your joints slightly before bringing them back to their natural position.
  • If the problem is caused due to strain in muscles, your osteopath may use myofascial release therapy. It is a type of deep massage that reduces tension in muscles.
  • To ensure the movement of fluid, lymph, your osteopath may use lymphatic pump techniques. When the fluid movement is blocked due to any reason, it causes health problems.
  • Counter strain is another method that helps in identifying and monitoring the areas causing you the pain. Your osteopath will ask you to stay in the position that causes you the least pain and they will monitor the area.

Finding an Osteopath Near me

Usually, osteopaths work individually in the private sector. In some cases, they also practice in groups to learn from each other’s experience and provide better services. When it comes to finding the right osteopath, you need to consider their expertise and experience.

Southpoint Health in Miranda is one of the most experienced and well-reputed osteopaths of the region. If you live in Miranda, your best bet is to visit us and get a detailed check-up to ensure your health, even if you live close by like Cronulla, Caringbah, Gymea, Sylvania or Kirrawee just to name a few.


Whether you are experiencing low back pain or any other body part pain, Osteopathy is the safest and holiest method to treat it. Osteopathic treatment has no side effects and gives you pain relief by fixing the real problem.

The whole-body approach ensures that other linked body parts are also inspected carefully. If any issue is found with other associated parts, your osteopath will discuss with you before starting any treatment. Moreover, your osteopath will guide you if you need any further medical treatment.

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Arm Pain Treated At Southpoint Health Using Osteopathy

Let Osteopathy Treat Arm Pain at Southpoint Health in Miranda
Let Osteopathy Treat Arm Pain at Southpoint Health in Miranda

Arm pain is a common problem due to various reasons. From sore muscles to intense pain, you may experience different types of arm pains. Usually, it develops due to overuse and injury. Sometimes, it is due to natural process of aging. Depending on the condition, it can be treated with Osteopathy.

In this article, we will discuss the causes of arm and how osteopathic treatment gives you relief. Moreover, you will read about Southpoint Health Miranda to get pain relief at your doorstep.

Causes of Arm Pain

Before we move forward and discuss how osteopathic treatment gives you pain relief, let’s discuss the causes of arm pain. It will give you an idea why it is happening and how to avoid it in future.


One of the most common reasons behind arm pain is muscle strain. Humans experience these strains quite often and it doesn’t require any treatment. It heals naturally with time. However, if it persists or the pain is unbearable, you can visit your osteopath. They will use relaxation techniques to give you immediate pain relief.

Broken Bone

When you experience pain after a physical injury and it is unbearable, there is a chance that you may have fractured your arm. An immediate visit to your osteopath is recommended in this situation. They will analyze the condition and give you a road map regarding how to heal properly.

Rotator Cuff

The part is made up of tendons and muscles. As you age, it becomes weak and you feel weakness. When you are doing a job that requires you to make overhead motions again and again, you may damage it. In case of injury, you could feel intense pain, weakness or slight ache. In this case, you need a physical therapy and you should visit your osteopath as early as possible.


When tendons in your arm and shoulder become inflamed, it may result in tendinitis. These tissues connect bones to muscles. Usually, it happens because of over use. However, it could be a result of an injury as well.

Pinched Nerve

When a nerve is compressed, you may experience numbness, pain, tingling or weakness. It should go away naturally but if you experience it a lot, you need to visit your osteopath.

How Osteopath Treat Arm Pain?

When you visit an osteopath for the first time, they check your medical records and ask various questions related to your medical history. Before analyzing the arm and making any verdict, it is important to understand you medical records and the nature of your job.

Once everything is shared, your osteopath will ask you to remove your shirt. They will feel your arm and related areas including your neck and shoulder to identify the problem. It is possible that your arm pain is coming due to strain in the neck. Osteopaths are experienced individuals who check every possibility before making a decision.

Once the problem is identified, they will suggest an osteopathic treatment depending on the condition. They may recommend you further tests if required. Osteopathic treatment for arm pain usually involves a massage, stretching, soft tissue mobilization, and joint manipulation and muscle relaxation techniques. In most of the cases, osteopath also suggests exercises at home to speed up the recovery process. They will also guide you how to manage your daily tasks to avoid any such injury in future.

How to Find an Osteopath Near Me

Osteopathic treatment is an ongoing process and you need to find an osteopath near you. You may need to visit them various times to get the treatment done. Most of the time, they recommend more than one sessions to ensure everything is perfectly in its place.

So, you might be curious how to find a professional osteopath near me? Well, do you live in the Shire say Miranda, Caringbah, Cronulla, Kurnell, Kirrawee, Oyster Bay, Jannali, Kareela, Sutherland, Como, Sylvania, Gymea, Taren Point etc.? Southpoint Health Miranda is the best choice for you. Our experienced Osteopaths will ensure you get rid of body pain as soon as possible.

Arm pain is a common problem as we use our arms in daily tasks, due to excessive use. Osteopathic treatment is the easiest and safest solution to your arm pain. It gives you pain relief while bringing back your arm in its original position. Osteopaths at Southpoint Health Miranda will check related areas and ensure your body is in perfect condition.

Treating Children with Osteopathy

Children can be treated by an osteopath at Southpoint Health in Miranda
Children can be treated by an osteopath at Southpoint Health in Miranda

Muscles and bones are usually referred as musculoskeletal system. When discussed separately, they are known as skeletal system and muscular system. These two body systems are interconnected with each other. From childhood to adulthood, these systems work together to provide you support and strength.

Parents should bring their children to osteopath for early assessment and diagnostics. Osteopathic treatment is safe for children and leaves no side effects at all. Depending on the condition of your child, the osteopath may suggest massaging and manipulation of bones without cracking, ligaments, joints, tendons, and muscles.

Children should be treated with soft hands and distributed force. To bring back the balance, it is important that osteopath identify the problem before initiating the treatment. 

In this article, we will discuss why it is necessary to take your children to an osteopath. Moreover, how an osteopath will ensure your child’s wellbeing.

Osteopathy and Child Injuries

Children are prone to injuries no matter how much you take care of them. They are going to hurt themselves during the process of learning. As they start learning to crawl, walk or cycle, there are high chances that they fall over and hurt themselves. It shouldn’t mean that you don’t allow them to learn new stuff. However, you must be ready to remedy the problem as soon as possible.

Apart from natural learning process, some kids like to climb everything as soon as you leave them alone. Occasionally, they fail to climb or fall from some height resulting in a strain.

In case of injury or strain, osteopathic treatment is the best solution as it doesn’t involve sharp tools and complicated process. An osteopath examines the area carefully and brings back the balance immediately. Furthermore, they guide you how to avoid the problem in future.

Osteopathic Treatment for Neck Pain and Headaches in Children

When a child is crying, it is not necessary they want something or hungry, they may be experiencing a headache or migraine. Some studies suggest that about ten percent children suffer from a migraine. Moreover, forty percent children suffer from a headache. These study results are quite similar to adult studies.

Few headaches start off from the neck and osteopathy is the only solution for it. Most of the time when a child experiences a headache, it originates from the neck. Children who just started their school experience have neck strains more often as compared to other. Osteopathic professionals take care of their neck and reduce the strains. With frequent treatments, your child does not get these headaches as osteopathic treatment focuses on the trigger points.

Osteopathy for Children with Pigeon Toes

Most of the kids start walking with pigeon toes. Pigeon toes are a condition where children walk with feet pointing in. It is completely normal and usually children outgrow it after five years. If your children are still walking with pigeon toes after five years, osteopathic treatment can help you.

There might be some tension in the muscles or any strain that is causing the problem. In a rare case, there may be some bone issue and an osteopath will guide you about further tests.

Osteopathy is a perfect solution for children with only one pigeon toe. Usually, it is because of stress in the muscles. A couple of visits to Southpoint Health in Miranda can help to solve the problem.

Other Benefits of Osteopathy for Children

Osteopathy offers you a range of benefits regardless of your age. Osteopathic treatment can give you pain relief from body pain. Osteopathic treatment helps in improving the digestion of your baby while reducing indigestion, constipation, poor sleeping patterns, and reflux. Apart from these conditions, there are some other situations where an osteopath can assist you.

  1. Pain in bones, feet, joints and muscles
  2. Postural conditions and spine curvature
  3. Effects of cerebral palsy
  4. Developmental dysplasia of the hip

Visiting an osteopath in early stages can improve your child’s health immediately while reducing the chances of any complication. It is highly recommended that you visit osteopath as soon as you notice a problem. 

Find an Osteopath Near Me

Finding an osteopath can be a daunting task if you are not familiar with experienced osteopaths. If you are about to start osteopathic treatment, you might be confused where to start and who is the best osteopath in your region. Southpoint Health in Miranda is one of the best osteopaths in Australia. With experiences over many years, we can easily identify the problem. Once the problem is diagnosed, it is easy to treat your child. Osteopathic treatment is safer than other forms of treatment, as it involves a natural process with no harmful effects to the body.

Osteopathic Pain Relief During and After Pregnancy

Pain Relief during and after Pregnancy with Osteopathy

Pregnancy is an exciting yet uncomfortable experience for most women. During pregnancy, your body changes with every passing day requiring you to put more effort into taking care of your body. Apart from normal changes, you may experience pain during and after pregnancy.

Although there are many ways to prevent or reduce these pains, Osteopathic treatment is the most recommended treatment. Whether you are experiencing entire body pains or any particular part of the pain, Osteopathy is the best solution.

Osteopathy doesn’t cause any harm to your body and the baby. During an osteopathy session, the tissue adjustments are highly appreciated during and after the pregnancy. Furthermore, it helps in preparation for childbirth. Let’s read below and find out how Osteopathy reduces body pain and keep you in balance.

Benefits of Osteopathy During Pregnancy

Pregnant women often need some assistance to maintain their balance. It is uncommon to experience body pain due to these imbalances. Osteopath understands the causes of these imbalances and how to fix them. With a proper osteopathy session, you feel better and do your daily tasks easily.

Here are a few examples of how an osteopath finds imbalances and uses osteopathy to fix these problems.

  1. Whenever there is an issue with the position of the baby, an osteopath gently manipulates pelvis joints and bones. It promotes correct positioning during pregnancy and delivery as well.
  2. When you experience pelvic pain or back pain, it could be a reason for ligament strains. A professional osteopath applies soft abdominal palpation to find these strains and reduce your pain.
  3. Osteopath suggests exercises and stretching techniques to ensure proper fluid breathing during pregnancy. It helps during childbirth as well.

Possible Reliefs From Osteopathic Treatment

During pregnancy, you experience a range of issues from headaches to digestive issues. Osteopathy doesn’t only helps in managing your body pain but also reduces the digestive problem by easing your tissues. Moreover, it relaxes your muscles to ensure your body remains in balance. Southpoint Health can help? Here are some reliefs you can get through osteopathic treatment.

  • Headaches
  • Digestive problems
  • Circulatory problems
  • Ligament pain in the pelvic joints
  • Lumbar pain or discomfort
  • Perineal tensions

An experienced osteopath at Southpoint Health in Miranda can help you manage these pains and discomforts without any delay. With an osteopathic massage in the right area, you feel better than ever. Even if you are only experiencing discomfort, it is better to get an osteopathic treatment to cut the problem immediately. There is no harm to you and your baby from osteopathy.

Osteopathic Treatment After Delivery

Congratulations to the new mom and dad! Now, you have a baby to take care of along with taking care of your body. Your body is coming back to normal after all the pregnancy changes. You will experience discomfort during the process and it is not uncommon to experience body pains.

After childbirth, osteopathy is very helpful regardless of the childbirth happened with or without medical interventions like a cesarean section, episiotomy, etc. A pregnant woman goes through a range of tissue constraints during the delivery process. Without any delay, you should visit an osteopath to correct their positioning to avoid any serious problems.

Moreover, some women experience postpartum depression due to various reasons. Osteopathic sessions provide excellent support in such cases allowing to you get normal in no time. An osteopath simulates the craniosacral axis to bring your nervous system in its original balance. It avoids further complications while easing your brain to relax and come out of depression as soon as possible.

Most of the health problems that occur after childbirth are treatable through osteopathy sessions. Get an appointment with an osteopath and allow them to work on your body. In no time, you will feel better than ever before.


Osteopathy is one of the effective treatments for pregnant women. During pregnancy, you can take advantage of osteopathy to reduce your discomfort and enhance your health. Moreover, it promotes the healthy growth of the baby and smooth delivery.

After reading these benefits of osteopathy, you definitely want to meet an osteopath. How to find an osteopath near me? Well, it is not a difficult job. If you are living in Miranda, Caringbah, Cronulla, Woolaware, Gymea, Kirrawee, Jannali, Kareela, Sylvania, Southpoint Health in Miranda is one of the best and most popular osteopaths in the Shire. Visit us and get an osteopathic treatment to get rid of your body pain.

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